Thursday June 3rd

8:30 Registration
9:00 Keynote
10:45 SummerSpark Cohort
* Introductions
12:00 Lunch + Ignite talks (5-min 'big idea' talks given by various Oakridge students based on the TEDxClassroomProject)
1:30 Session 1
3:00 Session 2

Friday June 4th

9:00 Panel Discussion (area college professors)
10:45 Session 3
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Session 4
3:00 SummerSpark Cohort
* Debrief
3:45 Closing

  • "Asking the essential questions and exploring a range of possible answers." - Chris Bigenho (Greenhill School) & Christian Long (The Oakridge School)
Round Table Discussion
  • "What skills do today's students need for college, careers and 21st century citizenship?"
  • Current Members:
    Wes Waggoner - Director of Freshman Admissions - Texas Christian University
    Beverly H. Wheeler - DFW Regional Representative - University of Tulsa
    Joseph Sholden - Sr. Financial Advisor - Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management
    Dianne Ossenkop - Global Leadership Development - Alcon Laboratories

*SummerSpark Cohorts will be assigned to allow teachers from different schools, divisions and disciplines come together and meet and talk since a major component is extending our networks and collaboration. Although they will not have to stay together it will ensure at least some cross-pollination that will hopefully carry on throughout.