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The Oakridge School
Jason Kern
Director of Technology
Christian Long
Upper School English
Catherine Danner
Upper School Spanish
Sue Knott
Upper School Math
Chris Henderson
Middle School Science
Lauren Tatum
3rd Grade
Mike Nathman
Brittany May
Trevor Adams
Deron Molen
Chris Renshaw
Upper School English
Kathryn Evans
Upper School Art
Katherine Arce
Upper School Spanish
Marissa Tate
Upper School French and Chemistry
Ashley Brentlinger
4th grade
Mary Smith
Jim Andersen
Assistant Head of Upper School
Frances Rucker
Middle School English

Trinity Valley School
Gail Corder
Director of Educational Technology
Diane Orehek
1st Grade
Frances Dodson
Upper School French
Tina Clayton
MS English
Jane Cooper
2nd Grade
Kathryn McKee
MS Math
Tina Harper
MS History/English
Karla Long
Head of MS & MS Geography
Brian Wilson
US English
Kendall Davis
MS Art

Parish Episcopal School

Dolores Gende
Director of Instructional Technology
Sherie Skillern
MS Technology Specialist
Dave Ostroff
US Government & Economics
Dan Hanson
US Mathematics

Greenhill School
Chris Bigenho
Director of Educational Technology
Vince Mikulski
US Technology Teacher
Jeff Funkhouser
Science Dept. Chair- US Physics
Cathy Garcia
LS Science
Mary Tapia
US Spanish/French (MCL)

Bishop Dunne

Paul R Wood
Director of Technology

White Oak ISD

Scott S. Floyd
District Instructional Technologist
Shelly Hugghins
HS Spanish II, III, & IV

Tyler All Saints

Jaime Warren
Director of Learning Enrichment Center
Asst. Head of Lower School
Ginger Stewart
1st grade/3rd grade

St. John's Episcopal

Susan Hopper
Integrated Curriculum Administrator

Fort Worth Country Day

Steve Uhr
Director of Technology
Steve Hoover
Upper School Math

Fort Worth Academy

Bill Broderick
Head of School